Joint Industry Project Proposal – Guidance on Ageing Valve Integrity and Life Management

Large bore valves used for isolation and control in the oil & gas industry are required to work reliably over long periods of time, often for over 30 years. Being an essential component, valves of this type are difficult to repair or replace without major disruption to operations. Many ageing assets experience valve issues such as an inability to seal or failure to operate on demand, which affects the safe and reliable operation of the plant. Combatting the effects of degradation due to age and wear is a major challenge, as it can be difficult to apply appropriate maintenance measures while balancing the conflicting drivers of cost, performance and operational risk.

DNV GL, the technical assurance and advisory service company, are developing a Joint Industry project (JIP) to address these issues and are seeking asset operators, valve suppliers and manufacturers, and service companies who would be interested in contributing to this initiative. DNV GL has a unique insight into valve integrity issues across the oil and gas industry, based on previous projects carried out to develop screening and preventative maintenance methods to address a range of valve faults.

The ultimate objective of the project will be to produce a best practice document to assist operators in managing their ageing valve population, and to enhance product design and recommended maintenance and operational procedures. It is envisaged that this would be focused on the following areas:

• Development of an understanding of common degradation and failure mechanisms
• Definition of best practice for monitoring and detecting valve deterioration
• Recommendation of effective prevention and remedial actions.

Participation in the project will help to deliver a number of key benefits to the various partner groups, including a reduction in the risks to safe and reliable asset operation due to valve failure. There is also the potential for a reduction in the costs associated with removal of valves from service for repair, and extension of the working life of valves and therefore deferment of replacement costs.

The project should also deliver an enhanced understanding of inservice valve integrity issues from the perspective of operators, manufacturers and suppliers, with the potential to feed these findings back into product design and recommended maintenance and operational procedures.

This cross-industry collaboration will therefore provide an opportunity for benchmarking and sharing of best practice between operators of similar assets, and across valve manufacturers and suppliers, to help address the current industry challenges in this field for the mutual benefit of the participating organisations.

For further information on the JIP, including a copy of the detailed scope of work, please contact:

Ivan Richardson
Tel: +44 203 816 5569 / +44 7772 651242

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 38

Autumn 2018 // Issue 46
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