Procurement Issues?

Worley Parsons

Finding out what the market has to offer can be a tricky business. It takes time, that costs money, and often it adds complication and uncertainty. It ought to be a simpler process… BVAA can help!

‘Can’t see the Wood for the Trees’
Few of us have time to devote to endless hours of supplier visits (potential, or existing), or to rove endlessly around the diminishing number of industry exhibitions, often in far flung places. Even trawling the internet can take hours, and then you have all the uncertainties of trying to do business with a new and unknown entity.

But the breadth and depth of alternative sources of supply almost certainly could save many customers a great deal of work, heartache or indeed cash – possibly all three at once! So how do you see the wood for the trees?

Desktop Exhibitions
BVAA recognized some years ago the need for buyers and users of valves and actuators to have the industry come to them. They have particular constraints that mean getting away from the office is a nonstarter, and exhibition attendance is just wistful thinking.

In many cases, the sheer number of people in the organisation needing to find out the information can also be quite large. The number of lost man-hours for what could be a few minutes of fruitful – perhaps repetitive - dialogue would be immense!

That’s why BVAA introduced our ‘Desktop’ events. As the name implies these are mini exhibitions put on inside the user/ customer’s own premises.

We can take pretty well any available space, and with a few tables, pop-up banners, literature and product samples, plus of course true technical experts on hand, we can have a fully-functioning mini exhibition up in moments. Slick, no fuss, in and out with ease.

We have a very long list of satisfied hosts, many of whom invite us back again and again:

• Ministry of Defence (MOD)
• Foster Wheeler
• Bechtel
• Score
• MW Kellogg
• Stone & Webster
• Snamprogetti
• British Energy
• Aker Kvaerner
• WorleyParsons etc.

And at no cost to host.

We typically put our events on over the lunchtime to avoid any downtime and where possible also provide lunch for all the visitors so they still have an opportunity to eat as they peruse the event.

We are also able to tailor the events to the specific needs of the host. Want to see established oil and gas suppliers only? – no problem. Must already be on the company AVL? We can do that. Or maybe just the opposite - only potential new sources? All and more are possible - the host decides.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 38

Autumn 2018 // Issue 46
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