Versa’s New Direct Acting Solenoid Valve is Now Available

Versa have launched a new solenoid valve. They have introduced the D-316, which is a range of high flow, direct acting solenoid valves. This is a departure from their well-known successful ranges of solenoidpilot operated spool valves.

They are designed as 3-way valves (3/2), which are true multi-purpose/universal flow valves that are bubbletight throughout their complete operating range and cycle life.

A working pressure range of up to 12 bar, they are designed to operate with air, inert gases, and low-pressure hydraulics.

Some of the features that are included as standard are Class ‘H’ high temperature solenoid coils, which are also low power in operation. The coils are inside approved hazardous area solenoid housings that can be rotated through 360°. This facilitates the ease of installation and assists in the reduction of costs.

The valve is a high flow balanced poppet design, which allows the solenoid coil to have maximum pull with low power consumption.

The D-316 series meets worldwide hazardous area regulations and standards, and comes with a number of options. These include manual reset, manual override, and low temperature seals. High-performance stainless steels make this valve an ideal choice for the harshest environments.

The valve is designed for ease of installation and field serviceability, and this makes the D-316 the choice for all applications.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 38

Autumn 2018 // Issue 46
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