LATTYpack OIL Packing Set for Low Emissions on Valve Stems and Fittings

A solution by LATTY for the Oil and Gas industries for a full compliance with both ISO 15848 class BH and API 624 fugitive emission standards.

GROUPE LATTY provides the Oil and Gas industry with a comprehensive range of sealing products that cover the stringent requirements for most applications with tighter control of fugitive emissions.

LATTYpack OIL packing sets for valve stems consists of anti-extrusion and die formed rings, made from high-purity expanded graphite yarns, and are used for the sealing of valves on petrochemical sites and refineries.

LATTYpack OIL’s yarn re-impregnated with a high-purity graphite mix, and incorporate an additional agent to improve friction coefficient. A corrosion inhibitor developed from an exclusive process provided with unlimited protection of steam and stuffing box over an unlimited amount of time.

This new generation of packing sets bring the advantage of being compatible with ISO 15848 class BH both with API 624 for fugitive emissions.Advantages:

• Low leak rate: combine ISO 15848 class BH and API 624 compliance

• Low friction rate

• Very low adjustment required than conventional FE solution

• Definitive non-corrosion performance

• -200°C to 450°C in oxydated environment

• -328°F to 842°F • Up to 450 bar (6500Psi)

• PH 0 to 14

GROUPE LATTY has been providing its customers know-how in the design and development production of sealing solutions since 1920.

GROUPE LATTY has built its reputation on the respect of very strict quality rules that provide repeatability, product safety and maintenance cost reduction, in particular in the nuclear and petrochemical fields. In direct touch with end user’s specifications and associated with stringent OEM cost effective needs, GROUPE LATTY meets the requirements from mass reduction on high critical applications.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 38

Autumn 2018 // Issue 46
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