Zoedale Plc add a new quarter-turn gearbox range to their actuator combinations

Operating large Butterfly valve with quarter-turn gearbox actuator combination.

Zoedale is pleased to introduce the SBWG gearbox to their product portfolio, a new series of gearboxes especially designed for quarter-turn actuators.

Not only is this new gearbox more financially economical, but it is equal or better in terms of technical design than the already popular MF range – AND - better still, it will cover more applications, offering torque figures of up to 610,00Nm.

The SBWG covers a large range of sizes, in fact ratios from 1/168 to 1/1800 and with output flange arrangements from F16-F80, direct mounting to most ISO flanged valves becomes an easy option.

A torque range from 6,500Nm to 610,000Nm allows Zoedale to more accurately match the output torque to your valve requirements, and they’re suitable for both on/off AND Class III positioning operations.

The versatility of these gearboxes is endless, they’re even suitable for underground applications due to being ingress protection rated to IP67 or IP68.

Standard ambient operating temperature range is from -20oC to + 90oC but for extreme low temperature situations, an option for -40oC is readily available.

Epoxy coated as standard makes the gearbox suitable for most industrial applications – however marine, either on shore or off shore specifications can be catered for, as well as tropical or desert environments. An especially convenient removable splined drive bush comes as standard, enabling the end user – YOU - to specify drive requirements or machine in house.

ALL of the Bernard actuator and gearbox combinations are available with standard controls, integrated analogue or intelligent digital control. In addition they can be FIELDBUS enabled and/or with ATEX approval and certification, greatly sought after options.

SO...... taking into account all of the above, if you couple these gearboxes up to the reliable Bernard actuator then actuation of large quarter turn valves becomes a breeze!

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 22

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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