Keep maintenance costs low with in-line repair

Philippe Claeys

To minimise shutdown periods and improve power plant efficiency, Tyco Valves & Controls offers an in-line repairable high pressure globe valve. The Yarway Welbond valve is suitable for general line service and engineered to handle operating pressures from Class 1700 up to ASME Class 4500, helping to keep high pressure power plants up and running.

In-line repairable pipeline components allow maintenance and repair to be performed on-site in a matter of hours, without cutting out and re-welding sections of pipe. The Yarway in-line repair tool is available for hire or purchase, and can be used by a plant’s own maintenance personnel, or by a Tyco service engineer. Using the tool, the Yarway Welbond globe valve stem, disk and packing can be removed through the yoke for inspection or repair, and the valve’s solid Stellite® seat can be fully exposed for re-seating, providing an as-new seat. This process can be performed up to five times in the valve’s lifetime, resulting in significant cost savings in MRO and materials.

Designed to minimise leakage, the valve is designed and constructed using a one-piece forged body without internal gaskets, body welds or pressure and seal welds which can create internal leak pathways and lead to corrosion. The Stellite® seat and disc provide a durable, reliable line contact seal for high pressure applications, virtually eliminating the risk of cracking.

Philippe Claeys, marketing manager for renewable energy and gate, globe and check valves, Tyco Flow Control, commented: “Maintenance and repair has come under renewed scrutiny in recent times. High pressure power plants must comply with stringent regulatory standards, ensuring preventative maintenance is completed where possible. Secondly, extended periods of shutdown can have costly implications, and every minute offline matters. The Yarway Welbond globe valve can be used in a wide range of high pressure applications, and can contribute to the efficient running of modern power plants.”

The Yarway Welbond globe valve covers pressure and temperature ranges up to ANSI Class 4500 in A105, F22 and F91 materials. Ideal for stop valve applications, it is suitable for waterwall drains, superheater drains, reheater inlet drains, economiser drains, constant head chamber shut-off, water column and gauge drains and shut-off, drum vents and reheat spray isolation.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 22

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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