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“The Actuated Valve with Staying Power”

For many companies and indeed individuals, their Green credentials are becoming an important factor not only in their daily lives, but also in the way they function at a corporate level. This positive change in attitudes has resulted in many purchasing / engineering departments now actively looking into environmentally sound purchasing protocols.

Embracing such issues, provides not only a focus on initial capital expenditure cost saving, but also more detailed studies into total cost of product ownership. ‘Cradle to Grave’ costing of products is now at the forefront of many company ideologies and the long term effects of established methodology are being questioned or to put it simply “is the way we have been doing it for years necessarily still the best and most efficient for the long term?”

This green agenda has resulted in the Pneumatics and Process control industries taking a long hard look at its waste patterns. Power losses and product consumption levels are clear areas that can be addressed in order to reduce air production and provide financial saving in both the short and long term. As a consequence of these factors a number of high quality cutting edge products are now arriving on the market place designed specifically to satisfy the developing trends in these areas. Products that provide enhanced product efficiency without any compromise to functionality.

A classic example of how this has been achieved is in the design of the Omal VIP co-axial valve, available via BVAA member Zoedale Plc. The VIP valve has been designed to replace the traditional Pneumatically Actuated Brass Ball valve package in applications where reductions in physical size, reduced air consumption, combined with faster reaction times and increases in life expectancy are important product choice factors.

With control signal pressures as low as 3bar on Double Acting versions and 4.2Bar on Spring Return Models (via its Namur Interface mounting flange) and with air consumption rates of 0.012dm² per cycle on the Spring Return version it becomes very clear very quickly why this valve is becoming a great favourite with system builders and management accountants alike.

In many cases where reductions in control pressure and operational consumption volumes are combined it is not uncommon for products to find a compromise in performance. This is not the case with the VIP valve. Air automation cycle times for the VIP valve range from 10 milli-seconds on the smaller 3/8” ported valve to 70 mili-seconds on the larger 2” version, providing faster reaction times than comparable Actuated ball valve packages.

With the subject reduced operational costs and increases in product efficiency already addressed. The question of whether the VIP has the staying power to outlast the life expectancy of the average actuated valve package needs to be considered. Data obtained in aggressive field testing has provided life cycle figures of 500,000 operations at 3/8” and up to 300,000 on the 2” valves. Comparisons with published Actuated valve package figures show the VIP valve to outlast a traditional Actuated Brass Ball valve by up to ten times.

VIP comes in three configurations Double Acting, Spring Return Normally Closed and Normally Open and with three different sealing materials Buna (air, Inert gasses, oils, and water), FKM (aggressive compatible media) and EPDM (hot water and steam). The internal coaxial movement of the valve also allows the valve to be mountable in any position without compromising its functionality.

VIP conforms to the requirements of PED and on request can also be certified in accordance with Atex directive 94/9/EC.

For more information on the VIP coaxial valve contact Zoedale.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 22

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