Northvale Korting introduces New Products & Announces New Contract Win

Northvale Korting stainless steel Modulating Angle Valve with I to P 4 to 20 milliamp positioner

Northvale Korting Mini Control Valve with 2 way or 3 way I to P 4 to 20 milliamp positioner
Respected manufacturer of valves, eductors and ejectors, Northvale Korting, has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of modulating angle valves in response to customer request and global distributor feedback.
Speaking at his facility in Leicester, Managing Director Stephen Wright, says: “We have offered angle valves as part of our product range for a number of years but of late customers have also been asking us to apply our manufacturing expertise to the development of a range of modulating angle valves.

“The design team here in Leicester considered the proposition and has drawn up a series of enhancements to the typical internal engineering of the valves to offer our customers a better engineered product.”

Northvale Korting’s modulating angle valve internals is machined on its CNC cells and is fitted with an I to P 4 to 20 milliamp electronic positioner. The angle valve can now also be fitted with limit switches to give feedback to customers’ own computer-controlled systems, assuring effective and reliable process flow.

“We expect this valve to be of interest to the process industries, particularly food manufacturers, bakeries, breweries and distilleries,” adds Stephen. “Meanwhile, we are also enhancing our mini control valve range with the addition of a new I to P positioner to the valve.”

In addition to control and angle valves, Northvale Korting’s product portfolio includes unique non-return / check valves, bellows seal valves, valves, venturi fluid jet eductors, steam ejectors, steam to water heaters, Plates Heater Packs and ancillary equipment.

“Our venturi fluid jet eductors are specified by many design house organisations, who recognise their robust design and manufacture and who are keen to buy British quality, ingenuity and engineering,” continues Mr Wright.

“Northvale Korting has just won a substantial contract from a prominent Indian petrochemical company - against strong competition - for two large, very special venturi-type desuperheaters.

“The products will be used to inject and atomise liquid fuel into a stream of hot inert gas containing contaminants; the injected fuel will aid subsequent oxidation of the gas as a means of destroying the contaminants.

“This contract includes CFD flow modelling to confirm the distribution of the atomised fuel within the gas, and is one of a number of exciting orders we have secured in India, China and Russia.
“We have a growing reputation in these countries, particularly in the oil and gas, chemical and car industries. Some of the orders are from organisations with whom we have worked previously and others are completely new business. Clearly both are gratifying and I believe reflect our commitment to quality, timely delivery, OEM status and Northvale Korting’s ability to offer customer support from our facility in Leicester and via our dynamic global distributor network.”

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 22

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