Flowserve Automax RG-Series Pneumatic Actuators Featured at ACHEMA

Flowserve Corporation recently featured the Automax RG-Series Heavy-Duty Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators at ACHEMA 2012, Germany.

Released in 2011, the highly successful Automax RG-Series Pneumatic Actuator combines a series of key technologies and is designed to deliver an extended life cycle and reduced maintenance costs. A modular design with independent body, pneumatic and spring segments allows for on-site modification and reduced installation costs and time. Dual-wear bands and dynamic-quad seals in the pressure module help extend seal life. Hard-chrome plated surfaces within the torque and pressure module support reduced surface wear and increased corrosion resistance.

Safety is another key feature of the RG-Series. The design is compliant to IEC 61508 (Functional Safety Related Systems) Safety Integrity Level 3. This Safety Standard emphasizes that the quality and reliability of the equipment forming the safety system are key to the prevention of failure.

The RG-Series can be used in quarter-turn automation applications for ball, plug and butterfly valves, and rotary dampers in chemical, refining, oil and gas and general industrial applications.

The latest product in the RG-Series line is scheduled to be officially released. The new Automax RG-Series Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke Hydraulic Actuator will be released in the third quarter and, like its predecessors, uses innovations in design to help reduce financial costs and maintenance downtime. The hydraulic actuator is designed to eliminate the perpetual cost associated with compressed air systems or eliminate the purchase and installation of new air compressors and associated equipment. As a result, the hydraulic actuator offers greater flexibility and is ideally suited for remote applications. The hydraulic actuator is suitable for both hydraulic fluid and direct gas for pipeline applications.

"The Automax RG-Series Pneumatic Actuator is a successful product because it addresses critical customer needs, minimizing costs and maximizing safety," said Paul Williams, vice president and general manager, Flowserve Flow Control Division, Chemical Sector. "The RG-Series Hydraulic Actuator focuses on those same customer needs and allows us to reach a new segment of customers and further strengthen our product portfolio."

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 22

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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