Spirax Sarco’s insulation jackets

New Spirax Sarco insulation jackets save energy, cut costs, improve safety, are easy to order, instant to fit and have a long life – what’s not to like?

Spirax Sarco is launching insulation jackets tailored for pipeline equipment, such as valves, steam traps and flowmeters. The jackets promise long life with no degradation in insulating effectiveness, enabling steam system operators to save energy and reduce carbon emissions with minimum hassle.

Insulating steam systems is the most cost-effective energy-saving measure that operators can make. Yet many steam traps, valves and other equipment are left uncovered to allow easy access for maintenance. Typically, a non-insulated steam trap will lose about as much heat as a one metre length of bare one inch diameter pipe, equating to a loss of £170 per year. Steam systems are often populated with 100 or more traps and valves, which, if not insulated, can mean several thousands of pounds in lost energy annually. The new insulation jackets can reduce this heat loss by up to a factor of 12. Most sites will see a payback on the jackets within six to 18 months.

Tailored for specific products, the jackets are fastened with Velcro straps, making them quick to fit and easy to remove for access to the pipeline equipment when needed. The jackets also improve site health and safety by protecting personnel from contact with hot surfaces and help to create a cooler working environment.

Conventional insulation boxes need to be modified on site, with their effectiveness dependent on how well they are fitted. Spirax Sarco insulation jackets are matched to the product, enabling them to be fitted snugly without any modification, for maximum insulating performance.

The insulation in conventional aluminium-encased boxes also degrades quickly because it is in direct contact with hot surfaces. In contrast, the insulation material in Spirax Sarco insulation jackets is protected from hot surfaces by vinyl-treated glass cloth and comes with a three-year warranty.

“When Spirax Sarco engineers open a conventional insulation box that has been in place on a site for one or two years, they usually find the insulation material has degraded, drastically reducing its insulating capabilities,” says Mike Skidmore, Product Manager, Spirax Sarco. “Steam system operators can be confident that Spirax Sarco insulation jackets will save energy for many years without loss of performance.”

Ordering and obtaining the insulation jackets is very straightforward. They can be purchased at the same time as new equipment, or to retrofit existing installed equipment. The need to pay for visits by insulation specialists to measure for conventional insulation jackets is eliminated, saving time and cost.

In addition, Spirax Sarco insulation jackets help to improve the appearance of steam plant, an important consideration for many sites.

Finally, Spirax Sarco can custom-make jackets for any pipeline equipment, not just its own products, enabling all these benefits for every steam system operator.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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