Score Group plc launch new MIDAS® Sensor for Through Valve Loss / Leak Detection and Measurement

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Score Group plc launched its latest innovative valve diagnostic product during ONS week in Stavanger. The MIDAS® Sensor (patent applied for), follows on from the successful launch of their MIDAS® Meter at the previous ONS Exhibition week, in 2010.

MIDAS® Valve Diagnostic products use proven acoustic emissions (AE) technology to identify through valve losses / leaks and then using proprietary algorithms to calculate and quantify any leaks found.

Valve leakage represents major risks to plant operations. These risks include:

Loss of containment of process fluids presents a major risk to personnel working on the plant

Leaking valves / loss of fluid containment represents a potentially major risk to the environment

Lost production due to leakage and / or downtime due to poorly performing valves affects both plant efficiency and availability, which can result in both product and / or profit losses.

The ultra-portable MIDAS Meter® valve leak detector, is a fully wireless and intrinsically safe certified device. It is now in widespread use throughout the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Marine industries worldwide and is already delivering excellent results to Score’s customers in these fields.

Improvements in customers’ assets performance are being reported as a result of the improved valve management that MIDAS Meter® delivers. These improvements include; enhanced safety performance, environmental protection and process efficiency gains, where owners are moving away from traditional reactive maintenance programmes, into condition-based maintenance and then onto a more pro-active, predictive maintenance approach.

Building on this previous success, Score Group plc have now developed and released to market a new MIDAS® Sensor.

The new self-contained MIDAS® Sensor is designed for permanent installation, to provide nonintrusive, continuous, on-line valve performance monitoring. The sensor can be safely installed in hazardous areas, where intrinsically safe certified equipment is required. The sensor detects the early onset of valves’ sealing performance decay and helps operators to identify, trend and quantify any through-valve losses / leaks, providing highly valuable feedback - especially for critical valves.

The measurable output from the MIDAS® Sensor is a 4-20 mA electrical signal, which is specifically designed to interface with existing and new build plant supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) or Score’s own integrated V-Map™ valve monitoring system. Valve condition monitoring provides evidence which enables the appropriate operational maintenance actions to be taken, which in turn ensures the optimum management of valve populations for the asset owners.

MIDAS Meter® and MIDAS® Sensors can either be used independently or together as a fully integrated solution to provide targeted valve condition monitoring for an entire plant or process, depending on the potential risk and criticality of installed valves. The wireless and ultra-portable MIDAS Meter® is used for on-site surveys and for trouble shooting, whilst the MIDAS® Sensor, is permanently installed on critical and high value applications, providing continuous and real-time condition monitoring, leading to predictive maintenance planning.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 23

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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