Rotork announces the next generation of gas-over-oil pipeline valve actuators – the Rotork GO Range

The robust GO Range now provides a more compact and reliable solution for automating heavy duty valve applications found in the gathering, transmission, compression and storage of gas.

Re-designed to provide longer and more efficient service in the harshest of environments with the minimum of maintenance, the new generation of Rotork GO actuators has undergone an important upgrade, including streamlined manufacturing and product improvements. As a result GO actuators are now lighter, more compact and incorporate advanced changes to functional specifications. The improved modular design enables the smallest number of components to meet a wide variety of valve torque and control requirements.

The GO range uses the pipeline gas as the motive power source. The gas is delivered to oil tanks that convert the gas into hydraulic pressure and this pressurised hydraulic oil is used to drive industrypreferred Rotork scotchyoke quarter-turn or linear valve actuators. A complete range of sizes is now available to suit virtually any valve size or class.

Using pressurised oil as the driving force provides powerful and smooth actuator control and isolates the cylinder from the pipeline gas. This prevents contaminants from entering the hydraulic cylinder, eliminating corrosion and seal deterioration and extending actuator life.

At the centre of the gas-overoil system, the multi-function manifold block integrates gas control functions to facilitate a wide range of valve control options. Standard gas control systems are complemented with optional equipment designed by Rotork Fluid Systems for functions including Line Break, Low Pressure Close, High Differential Inhibit and Emergency Shutdown (ESD). In all cases operation is simple and intuitive.

A dedicated pump is utilised in each operating direction to prevent leaking or contamination between the gas-over-oil tanks. The manifold has the facility for a high-flow hand pump, pressure relief and a locking handle for safe commissioning. High pressure and low pressure control logic designs are also available, together with torque limiting devices for valve and drive train protection.

The actuators are IP66M/67M third party certified and approved for environmental protection, together with CE and ATEX hazardous area certification. The standard working operating pressure range is 10 to 105 barg, enabling a quarter-turn operating torque of up to 600,000 Nm and linear thrust of 5,000,000 N to suit pipeline valves of virtually all sizes and description. Higher torque and thrust outputs can also be provided for.

As with all of Rotork’s flow control products, GO actuators are fully supported by a global service network of over 350 local offices and agents.

Rotork Fluid Systems
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 733200

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 23

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