Spirax Sarco White Paper analyses cost benefits of condensate recovery in steam systems

A new White Paper from Spirax Sarco shows how steam users can save tens of thousands of pounds by improving their condensate recovery systems.

Condensate, the hot, treated water produced as steam releases its heat energy, is a valuable resource that contains up to 20% of the useful energy in the original steam. Recovering this energy can reduce fuel bills, cut water and effluent charges and lower spending on water treatment chemicals.

The White Paper describes the technology involved in recovering this vital resource, including steam traps, pumping technologies, boiler blowdown, flash steam and its recovery, and the issues involved in pressurised low loss condensate recovery.

Case studies demonstrate how real steam users have benefitted from these technologies in practice, showing the significant savings they have achieved. Spirax Sarco offers a full portfolio of the latest condensate recovery systems that help steam users reduce their utility bills and optimise their systems.

The White Paper outlines these as well as giving advice on the financing of condensate recovery improvement projects.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 23

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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