PD 5500: 2012 ‘Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels’

The latest revision of PD 5500 has been published. It outlines the latest amendments to the specification up to and including those published in September 2011.

It is the start of a new 3 year cycle specifying requirements for design, manufacture, testing and verification and can provide a basis for vessel design and manufacture for PED compliance.

It contains all amendments, annexes and enquiry cases made during the last 3 years and supersedes PD 5500:2009 which is now withdrawn.

Key 2012 revisions include:
• Clarification of the use of subcontractors
• Tubesheet minimum thickness requirements for large tube diameters
• Clarification of the requirements for static head in the evaluation of test pressure
• Revisions to the impact testing requirements of Annex D
• Inclusion of a new enquiry case 5500/139 for the ISO 16528-2:2007 Conformance Tables

Copies available from BSI Customer services Tele: 020 8996 9001 quoting code PD5500-US1208 or http:// shop.bsigroup.com/pd5500

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 23

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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