Mad Hatters

‘How far can you go wearing a BVAA Hat?’

A ‘be-hatted’ Graham Lomax
BVAA hats continue to travel the world! This time however only to the north of England. Regular ‘Hatter’ and train fan Graham Lomax is photographed… well where? If you can identify the railway line BVAA will donate £50 to the charity of your choice. If you get the station and not just the line, there may even be a bonus! First correct answer to wins.

BVAA Hats, or Brollies, are available free in exchange for a photo of you using them somewhere interesting. Contact the BVAA.

Our congratulations to Tony Smith of Sizewell B power station who correctly identified that Rob Bartlett was photographed last time ‘escaping’ from Alcatraz island, and prison, San Francisco. £50 is on its way to Home-Start Suffolk Coastal.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 24

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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