Rotork declutch gearboxes deliver swift support for retrofit power plant upgrade

Actuator packages, consisting of K-Tork actuators, Rotork ILG-D gearboxes and smart positioners, ready for delivery to site

Rotork Gears has supplied specialised declutch manual override gearboxes on swift delivery for a damper drive retrofit upgrade project at a large municipal power plant.

Twelve ILG-D gearboxes were delivered within four weeks by the Rotork Gears Houston facility for attachment to K-Tork Type K pneumatic damper drives installed at an 1850MW coalfired power plant in New Mexico. The applications mainly involve induced and forced fan combustion control. Installed in four groups of three, the gearbox design has enabled the handwheels to be suitably positioned through 90º quadrants to accommodate obstructions and for ease of operation.

Rotork ILG-D gearboxes are specifically designed to provide a reliable means of manually overriding double-acting pneumatic valve actuators in power and process applications. Mounted between the actuator and the valve or damper, the gearboxes employ a declutch mechanism to disengage the handwheel drive during pneumatic operation.

The full range of Rotork ILG gearboxes offer a rugged solution for spring-return or double-acting pneumatic actuation applications with output torques up to 32,000Nm (283, in an ambient temperature range of -20 to +120ºC (-4 to +250ºF). Standard environmental enclosure ratings are IP65 and IP68.

Rotork Gears and K-Tork are members of the Rotork group of flow control companies. This contract is an excellent example of how group companies can combine to provide the best technical and commercial solutions for flow control applications.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 24

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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