Growth Continues At 146 Year Old Business

Phase – Heaps’ new side entry Trunion mounted ball valve

The new high pressure test rooms

Glyn Wordsworth
Heap & Partners are continuing with their ambitious growth plans. Managing Director David Millar commented that three quarters of the way through their year, they are 15% up on last year’s record figures. Not bad for an old timer (the company, not David Millar).

Glyn Wordsworth – Boosting the control valve team
Heap & Partners have further boosted their control valve team with the addition of Glyn Wordsworth. Glyn joins Heaps from Samson control valves and brings with him 24 years’ experience in the industry. Working with Ian Edwards, Glynn will be providing a special focus on the sales of Fisher control valves and ancillaries that are now stocked by Heaps.

Conoco Phillips Frame Agreement
Heap & Partners have just been awarded the Conoco Phillips 3 Year Frame Agreement. It covers Parker Hannifin, Parker Industrial and other Parker products and other High Pressure fittings used on their UK sites. The agreement covers Aberdeen UKNS, Great Yarmouth UNSNS and Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal.

The agreement, which runs to 2015 and is open to extension, covers the supply of over 650 line items and also includes special items such as Nitrogen Generators and Valve assemblies. Peter Burnett said “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with Conoco on the delivery of this important agreement.”

Apprenticeship Scheme Doubles In Size
Heaps have also boosted their apprenticeship scheme by taking on two more apprentices. With the success of their Phase Trunion mounted ball valves for the oil and gas market Heaps now need more staff to be trained up. “It is vital that we continue to train up a supply of good apprentices to ensure we have the right calibre of staff for all our future needs.” said David Millar.

The company believes one of the biggest risks facing society is 20% youth unemployment and one of the biggest risks facing engineering companies is lack of young engineers. For the second year running the company is increasing its total staff by 10%. The company understands the importance of investing in training. Over 15% of the whole workforce are currently attending a day release college course.

HOOTS – now on line
For a long time, Heap & Partners have talked about HOOTS, this year they have finally gone live. Heaps Online Order Tracking Service (HOOTS) is a quick and simple way for customers to keep track of their enquiries and orders on Heaps.

The system will (if requested) email a customer when an item is dispatched. Customers can track orders on line, view and down load all documentation (drawings, test certificates, etc.) and also access all quotes made by Heaps.

Andrew Will said “We found that 25% of all progress calls into our Sales office were for items that we had actually already delivered. This was a waste of time for our customers and for our sales staff. So we set about designing a simple online method to be more proactive with our clients.” In reality the system is no more than a copy of the sort of thing you’d expect from on line shops line Amazon, but it’s what online shoppers expect and Heaps believes it will become standard for every industry. For further information see their web site at

Phase – now on line
Phase – Heaps’ new side entry Trunion mounted ball valve

Heap & Partners new side entry Trunion mounted ball valve, called Phase (an anagram of Heaps) is now selling well into the North Sea. To cope with the increased workload and demanding customers who expect only the best; new high pressure test rooms have been installed. In addition, when witness inspection is required, a new state of the art remote monitoring and data logging system has been installed. This means customers can log onto a secure section of heaps. and view a live test on screen and monitor all of the test data as its logged. The aim is to help customers reduce their costs and carbon footprint.

3Ps on track
As has been previously reported in this magazine, Heaps ambitious 3Ps program is going well. Covering People, Planet and Profit it is now a major guiding force in the company. The aim is to use the increase in profits to give more back to society, boost staff moral and lower the cost base for the company. The volunteering element of the program has now started with a small teams heading out to carry out all sorts of work at the three charities chosen by the staff. From dismantling sheds, preparing for a children’s Halloween party, chopping down trees, running fundraising events to carol concerts; the staff are starting to get very involved in their chosen charities.

The third P covers the planet and the company’s stated aim to become the first company in the industry to become carbon neutral. At the end of August the company’s carbon consultant delivered his Green Action Plan (GAP). The GAP has taken three months to produce and outlined 36 fully costed ideas that if implemented would enable the company to achieve its goal. Set out in two stages it details the capital costs and bottom line savings the company could enjoy with each option. The first stage comprises a series of actions which are reasonably costed items whilst the second stage is for the future and looks at technologies that currently are in their infancy but one day may offer a viable solution - ideas such as electric cars. Once the company has digested the report and started to implement the recommendations it will publish the report and let the readers of Valve User know of the progress and what savings have been made - both carbon and bottom line. David Millar commented “Some of the ideas are so easy to implement, are fully funded by the Carbon Trust and will make an immediate and significant bottom line impact that EVERY company should be doing them. Otherwise they are just throwing money away.”

The company has enjoyed a good 2012 and has further investment and growth plans in 2013, including a major expansion of its machine shop with new machines on order. David Millar said “the company is enjoying the renaissance in British manufacturing, and will continue to grow with it.”

Heap & Partners Ltd
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 24

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