Hot Spot 2013 Systematic review of steam traps Standards

By BVAA’s Technical Consultant, Peter Churm

The 2013 systematic review has been launched on the following European standards of CEN/TC 69 “Industrial valves”

EN 26553:1991 “Automatic steam traps – Marking” (exactly identical to ISO 6553:1980)

EN 26554:1991 “Flanged automatic steam traps - Face-to-face dimensions” (exactly identical to ISO 6554:1980)

EN 26704:1991 “Automatic steam traps – Classification” (exactly identical to ISO 6704:1982)

EN 26948:1991 “Automatic steam traps - Production and performance characteristic tests” (exactly identical to ISO 6948:1981)

EN 27841:1991 “Automatic steam traps - Determination of steam loss - Test methods” (exactly identical to ISO 7841:1988)

EN 27842:1991 “Automatic steam traps - Determination of discharge capacity - Test methods” (exactly identical to ISO 7842:1988) Voting is requested on the following options:

- Standar to continue unchanged in use for a further 5 years

- Standard required revision

- Standard should be deleted

Any comments from BVAA members should be directed to BVAA for onward submission to BSI who will respond to CEN/TC 69 on behalf of UK.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 24

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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