SIPOS actuators’ pioneering approach to presentation

A digital design initiative from SIPOS Aktorik provides immediate illustrations.

The time delay between introducing a new product series and updating documentation has been addressed at SIPOS Aktorik. Parts inevitably have to be produced before they can be photographed. A rapid solution initiated by the company’s documentation team eliminates any delay producing illustrations. SIPOS 5 images are now produced directly from digital design data provided by the company’s product development departments. As a result, photographs are created at the same time as the production of new products or parts.

SIPOS recognises that a picture ‘paints a thousand words’ and illustrations are highly effective in conveying important information across cultures. As a result, the company’s documentation includes a large number of graphics and photos. To ensure images are detailed, impactful and accurate, SIPOS has a talented in-house creative design team investing considerable time and resource in the creation of photographs and illustrations.

Commenting on the new approach to illustrating actuation technology, Peter Mach from SIPOS’ documentation and advertising department:

“We like to be pioneering, both in our product developments and our approach to supporting materials. This design breakthrough ensures that we provide up-to-the minute information.

“At SIPOS we look to incorporate latest technologies across all our activities – our focus is on future-proofing our actuators and services.”

The design initiative from SIPOS enables the company to very quickly depict new products and provide illustrations that are impressive in their detail and show a number of different perspectives.

SIPOS Aktorik – the manufacturer and global supplier of specialist and standard electric actuators.

SIPOS Aktorik

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 24

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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