A New Look...A New Logo...A New Era...

The name COMID has been synonymous with Valves and Valve Repair for almost 30 years. In the late seventies Comid had offices and workshops the length of the country from Manchester to Southampton.

The Valve Industry however has without doubt seen its highs and lows, its good times and bad times. The Valve Repair Industry has not been exempt and did not escape without its casualties. Many of the pedigree UK and Internationally known manufacturers and repair companies have closed shop for various reasons which the writer will not address in this article. Those who have managed to remain competitive have done so by streamlining their organisation and adopting efficient quality procedures and systems.

Comid have managed to survive the rocky ride through the past two decades and have maintained their position as one of the few remaining independent Valve Repair companies competing in what could be described as a diminishing domestic market.

A recent article by Rob Bartlett of BVAA indicates that the UK market paints a brighter picture than many of us who have been in the industry for the last thirty years would believe. Comid share that view. There are opportunities both within the export and UK markets. Repairs and service activities are by nature mainly confined to the domestic market place.

Not only has survival been on the agenda, Comid has always looked for continuous improvement, growth opportunities and ways of maintaining their position as a leading Valve Repair Company.

The year 2006 saw Comid enter the Saudi Arabian market with a joint venture operation with a prestigious Saudi Arabian company Saudi Pan Gulf and the formation of Pan Gulf Valve Services Ltd (PGVS) based in Jubail. Regular readers of the BVAA magazine may have read the article. Comid now supply a significant quantity of new valves and actuators to the Middle East and the Valve Repair and Service division (Valvserve) grows from strength to strength.

However the domestic business remains priority. From a growth point of view Comid in 2007 tried, in vain, to purchase one of the few remaining Huddersfield based valve manufacturers. All was not lost though, the migration of that company’s Sales Manager has opened doors and given an even wider outlook for the way forward to the next decade and beyond.

Recognising that there still remains a requirement for skilled maintenance engineers and technicians Comid have been forward thinking and embarked on a recruitment drive. This has led to another chapter and in February 2008 another branch of Comid Valve Services opens its doors.

A new branch of Comid Valve Services is to open at Walsall in the West Midlands. The workshop has been designed with the Valve Repair business as its core discipline. Catering for both in house and site activities Comid intend to increase its penetration into all sectors of Industry. Isolation Valves, Safety Valves and Control Valves all fall within the repair scope.

Another recent development is the entry into the IN-SITU testing (Veri-Test) of Safety Valves.

Future plans include the introduction of On-Site Machining, Leak Sealing, Bolt Tensioning and in-situ Live Gland Repacking (Veri-Pak). These are to be introduced as either direct disciplines or in conjunction with partnership and associated organisations.

A new look, a new logo, a new era. The future’s bright, the logo’s orange!

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 7

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