Econosto UK show Taylor Safety Relief Valves at Offshore Europe

Well-known US manufacturer Taylor Valves recently appointed Econosto UK as their UK and Europe agent for the full range of Taylor Valve products.

The company is renowned for innovative solutions to common problems and their valve products have been used globally in the oil and gas industry for years. Products include various safety relief valves, choke valves, stack vent valves, back pressure regulators, relief valves (incl. steam service), vapour valves and multiorifice throttling valves (MOV).

Econosto’s Aberdeen branch plan to initially stock a selection of commonly used products with a view to continually expanding the range in line with customer needs. There will also be access to US manufactured stock on favourable lead times.

Taylor Valve products can be used for both onshore and offshore applications involving gases, steam and liquids. Typical areas for use would be pumping stations, separators, compressors, dehydrators, gas production units, reverse osmosis and many more within the oil and gas and chemical industries. Taylor valves have a unique soft seat design which ensures a bubble tight seal even under the most difficult conditions and this, coupled with a superior spring design and high quality materials enhances the performance of the product and extends useful life. The result is reduced maintenance costs and less downtime.

As well as the normal options that would be expected of a premium quality range of products – such as a full choice of end connection options or materials and trims to suit a wide variety of media – Taylor valves can innovative solutions to seemingly obvious problems.

For example, when a relief valve starts to vent, it may only be a tiny amount not visible to the eye at first, worsening to the point where serious environmental or even mechanical damage may have occurred before site workers are visually alerted. Taylor relief valves are fitted with an environmental protection cap (EPC) which audibly alerts workers to a leak as soon as it occurs. A simple, easily installed but highly effective design feature that doesn’t prevent the valve from venting correctly to release pressure if a system upset occurs but ensures a speedy response to potential problems. The cap can withstand a wide temperature range and can withstand discharge pressures up to 3000 psi.

Mark Kennedy, Business Development Manager at Econosto UK reports, “The Taylor valve range is a welcome addition to the Econosto UK stock profile, particularly for the Aberdeen business where innovative products with a focus on meeting the high standards and improved performance required by industries centred around oil and gas. Taylor Valve and it’s sister company Rupture Pin Technology operate a process of continual improvement with evolving design and manufacturing to the highest quality standards. We are looking forward to developing our relationship with them over the coming years.”

Econosto UK Ltd
Tel: 0116 272 7300

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 26

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