HYD690 Series Hydraulic Pressure Regulator now available with ceramic seats as standard

The new ceramic seats will prolong service life

Pressure Tech has upgraded the seating material on its HYD690 series for applications using hydraulic oil. The pressure regulator will now include ceramic seats which will provide a much longer service life. This was proven with by the company’s existing LF690 model for water glycol applications.

The new superior seat material will not only outlast pressure regulators using conventional plastic or metal seats, but will also provide better control. The new ceramic ball has a ‘glass like’ finish to provide a positive shut-off. It is also fully supported to ensure fixed travel in the ‘Y’ axis, thereby providing stable and repeatable control without the threat of the resonance and wear which can be experienced with unsupported ball designs. The new seat cartridge will now be supplied as a complete module and is accessible from the front of the panel.

Pressure Tech
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 26

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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