'Safety Valves'

The prefix isn’t by accident, but these valves might just prevent one!

BVAA Safety Valves course lecturer, Geoff Newman

Sectioned view of a Conventional Safety Valve - Anderson Greenwood Crosby (Pentair)
For many years BVAA has been ‘banging the drum’ when it comes to the correct selection and application of Safety and Relief Valves. But that is only half the story… To understand these critical function valves properly you do need a good knowledge of the design basics and a thorough understanding of the definitions and terminology, which unfortunately differs in the ASME and ISO standards on the subject. You also need to understand the many different types of safety valve, how they work, how they differ, how they are sized, tested, applied, etc.

Finally it is necessary to have a clear understanding of Safety Valve problems and possible causes.

Getting any one of these aspects wrong could lead to potentially hazardous situations for plant operators, and if you have responsibilities in these areas, you should undertake proper training.

BVAA Course

Fortunately, BVAA offers a 1-day course which is designed as a comprehensive guide to safety and relief valves. This course explains how safety and relief valves function and how to size and select the correct valve for given duties and specifications. The course employs lectures, demonstrations and problem solving sessions.

Course Objectives
Learn the main types and operating characteristics of safety and relief valves
Be able to select and specify the correct safety valve for a given application
Understand the need to match actuator with valve
Be aware of legislation covering pressure equipment and safety valves
Receive a valve manual as a permanent record

Who Should Attend

This training course is designed for engineers who use/ select and for Technicians who install/service these safety devices. Managers with responsibility for plant and equipment would find an appreciation of the subject and the issues involved useful.

Course Presenter
Geoff Newman, formerly of Anderson Greenwood Crosby, former Chairman of BVAA and BSI Safety Valve Committees.

Course Date:
Thursday 13th March 2014
Duration / Programme:
1 day duration: 9.00 am start - 5pm finish
£360 + vat (per person)
BVAA Member Price: £240 + vat (per person)

See www.bvaa.org.uk/training

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 27

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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