BVAA Launch ‘Business Shield’ Service

Croner’s Louise McGill and BVAA’s Rob Bartlett sign contracts
On June 1st 2008 will launch a very important new service for BVAA members. Titled ‘BVAA Business Shield’, the new service is offered free of charge to all members of BVAA, and comprises three different but complimentary elements.

l The first is the Business Support Helpline - a telephone helpline to assist members with Tax, VAT, PAYE, Payroll, Employment & Personal, Health & Safety and Commercial Legal matters.

l The second is a related Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance.

l The final element is a dedicated web service entitled ‘Coner-I’, a comprehensive online service managed by Croners Consulting, providing HR and Health and Safety compliance information, sample forms and policies, key rates and data, etc.

BVAA Director Rob Bartlett commented “BVAA are one of the first associations in the UK to offer the full Croners package to our members, completely free of any additional charge. The BVAA secretariat’s goal has been to constantly enhance the value of BVAA membership, and with so many of our members falling into the SME category, we recognise how incredibly useful this service will be to their management teams. Just one falling-foul of a HR or H&S issue can cripple a company, and our aim is to help shield our members from these risks so that they can focus on what they do best - servicing their customers.”

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 6

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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