BS EN ISO 4126-1:2013 Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure - Part 1: Safety valves

Attention is drawn to the implications that hydrostatic pressure testing may be waived for certain types of safety valves. This might result in manufacturers using this standard failing to meet the essential safety requirements in the Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999 (as amended). This matter was raised with the Commission Working Group “Pressure” and a guideline issued to clarify the position (WGP Guideline 8/14 can be found on the European Commission website, enterprise)

Attention is drawn to National Annex NA (informative) and National Annex NB (informative), which are based on BS 6759-1:1984, BS 6759- 2:1984 and BS 6759-3:1984.

National Annex NA gives advice on performance testing of safety valves for hot water duty for UK users of this European Standard, and enables type test approval to be obtained. National Annex NB provides further supplementary information on materials, springs and the operating system, and guidance on safety valve mounting and installation.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 27

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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