Biffi provides customised electric actuator for Ichthys gas project

EGR 50K: remarkable reliability and high efficiency

EGR 50K: remarkable reliability and high efficiency

Biffi Italia, part of Pentair Actuation & Controls platform, has successfully shipped four EGR 50K electric actuators for installation on the Ichthys gas project, the largest oil and gas development in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Working closely with engineering company McDermott, Biffi specifically customised the actuators to operate 42 inch class 1500 quarter turn ball valves. In response to McDermott’s requirements, the actuators were designed to offer a rapid operating time of 42 seconds for its emergency closing function. The EGR 50K showcases superior engineering capability and is the largest of its kind ever built by Biffi. High torque values of 500,000 Nm ensure the suitability of the EGR 50K for the automation of critical beachhead mainline ball valves. The actuators have been supplied for installation at the head of the pipeline that connects the rig in the gas and condensate field with one located near the coast of Australia.

The EGR 50K consists of four main parts, including a spool piece with a coupling supported by bronze bearings, a four-stage epicyclic gear reducer that combines high reduction with high efficiency, and a powerful electric motor specifically designed for the challenging requirement of combining high speed with high torque. The actuator also comprises a manual override to operate the actuators in case of loss of electric power, with a control system featuring diagnostic and monitoring functions and an end-of-travel position control. The control system was required to be fully sealed against the humid, highly saliferous environment, and to function reliably under solar radiation temperatures of up to 75°C. Furthermore, the high level microprocessor based diagnostics continuously monitor motor temperature, motor current and output torque.

A specific feature of the EGR 50K is its remarkable reliability and high efficiency. This is achieved by using precisely machined and high strength internal gears within a complete enclosure, including bearings contained in an oil bath.

The adoption of the EGR 50K highlights Biffi’s capability in offering unique solutions to its customers. ‘Our EGR 50K is the largest electric actuator we have ever producedand combines high reliability and efficiency,’ comments Alberto Ghiadoni, Electric Engineering Manager at Biffi Italia. ‘We used our extensive technical experience in the oil & gas industry to engineer a solution that met the very specific needs of this project. As the offshore oil & gas extraction and process industry expands to maintain pace with global energy demands, we are committed to developing new solutions that benefit customers and meet challenging project requirements.’

The Ichthys project is a joint venture between INPEX and Total, which is expected to produce 8.4 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and 1.6 million tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) per annum. Gas from the Ichthys Field, in the Browse Basin approximately 125 miles offshore Western Australia, will undergo preliminary processing offshore to remove water and extract condensate. The gas will then be exported to onshore processing facilities in Darwin via a 552-mile subsea pipeline. Scheduled for completion in 2016, the large-scale LNG project is set to deliver significant social and economic benefits to Australia.

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Published: 13th May 2014

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