ASCO NUMATICS Announces Series 298-398

Process Valves for use in Aggressive Processes

ASCO NUMATICS introduces the Series 298-398 process valve, a new range of robust, piston operated valves for steam, superheated water, hot and cold liquids and inert gases. Available for use on positive pressure or vacuum service, the new range of valves has been designed to withstand the most aggressive of manufacturing processes.

With its innovative technology and stainless steel body, the compact and robust Series 298-398 valve offers exceptional reliability in the most challenging environments. Applications include the manufacture of tyres and rubber vulcanisation machines, and industrial processes including industrial autoclaves, foundries, heat exchangers, dyeing machines, laundry, food and beverage, chemical processing and pulp and paper. An ATEX 94/9/EC version is also available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, categories 2 GD and 3 GD.

The new Series 298-398 process valve from ASCO NUMATICS has been designed to withstand the most aggressive of manufacturing processes

The range comprises DN 15-20-25-32-40-50 actuators in 2/2 N/C or 2/2 N/O and 3/2U styles, with a tapped body G/RP-NPT-RC, or suitable for socket welding. Alternatively the valves are available with DIN, ANSI or JIS flanges. The valves are suitable for a maximum 40 bar pressure drop and the balanced design enables them to be used with back pressures up to 40 bar. Highly versatile, the valves can handle fluids with a viscosity up to 5000cST and temperatures in the range -10C to +250C. The ambient temperature range is from -25C to +180C.

The Series 298-398 process valve is suitable for steam, superheated water, hot and cold liquids and inert gases

The Series 298-398 process valves incorporate many cost saving features including low actuator volume for reduced air consumption, low thermal losses when used with hot media, low piloting pressure (from 1 up to 10 bar) and long life. The high performance stuffing box requires no servicing, and with different parts of the valve being easy to dismount, maintenance and cleaning is quick and easy. Designed for bi-directional operation, the compact and lightweight design reduces the installed piping cost. The valves dust and water protection system makes the valve suitable for mounting outdoors in any position.

The operator is designed for fast and high cycle duties, low air consumption and low piloting pressure, and the valves are unaffected by dirty steam. Process protection includes anti water hammer construction, fail safe function and back pressure protection.

The robust construction and use of high quality materials provides outstanding resistance to aggressive and hot ambient atmospheres. Designed to resist the thermal shocks caused by exposure to steam and cold water, the life of the valves is greater than two million operations on saturated steam.

ASCO NUMATICS, Tel: 01695 713600

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 6

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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