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Increased capital and operational investment in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry is creating unique challenges for procurement specialists. The location and size of projects and fluctuations in commodity prices and currencies are making procurement decisions increasingly complex. In addition, fast tracking of major investment programmes is affecting the availability of materials.

As a result the role of distributors of key materials such as valves has become vitally important. The percentage spent on valves in new build projects and maintenance programmes is typically 5%, with valve procurement being critical to the success of any new investment.

Responding to these changes has been a key element in the growth of H. S. Pipequipment (HSP), one of the UK’s largest valve distributors in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical market.

HSP has been operating for 30 years and provides complete supply solutions for piping and instrumentation valves. The company represents a wide range of the world’s leading valve manufacturers and has built a reputation for being the leading manufacturers’ representative within the engineering contractor market in London.

The company operates out of three modern, purpose built facilities each with a specific focus.

At the heart of any distributor, are of course, its manufacturers. HSP represents a number of world class and well-known international valve manufacturers including OMS Saleri, Bonney Forge, Audco, Orton, Maxseal and Larsen and Toubro. Some of these manufacturers are based outside of the UK, and have been working with HSP for over 10 years. However, HSP still heavily sources valves from many UK manufacturers. The company has built up relationships of trust and mutual support with its manufacturers so that it is able to offer a seamless communication link between the manufacturers and customers. In many ways HSP works with its manufacturers as Partners in servicing its customers.

Today, HSP can fulfil orders of any size or complexity whether it is for the supply of a single valve or a multi-million pound contract. HSP’s capability and strength covers the full supply chain from assisting in the selection and technical evaluation of valves through to order placement, expediting and delivery.

The loss of skills from the engineering sector in the UK in the past 10 years has been well documented. As customer technical and procurement resources within the industry have become stretched the role of distributors like HSP has become increasingly important. HSP has responded by increasing the skills base of its staff so that the company can provide technical and procurement support on all aspects of valves and actuation.

The company has also developed it’s on site support to customers. In some cases this is a result of clients operating in remote areas where infrastructure is not established (eg Kazahkstan). HSP’s engineers are available 24/7 for their technical support.

From selecting the right valve for a particular service, through to identifying ways for customers to minimise their own valve holdings and thus releasing working capital; whether customers are looking to fit actuators to existing valves, upgrade valves or designing a new plant, HSP can advise on what options of valves are available to suit individual needs.

As issues of Health and Safety become important, documentation of the procurement, manufacturing, and testing process of valves has become a service that must be completed shortly after delivery of valves. Over the last few years HSP has established a team of dedicated professionals who assemble data books for clients quickly and accurately. Whether it’s PED, Heat Codes or Russian translation, HSP is able to provide documentation in accordance with customer requirements. The company has rapidly established a leading position in the industry for this aspect of its business.

When it comes to refitting plants there is always a need for shutdown planning and for the distributor to be close to staff at site. HSP works closely with customers and manufacturers so that valves get to site on time and to specification. In addition HSP will additionally boost stock levels above the anticipated demand to allow for a quick response in case of unexpected requirements.

HSP continues to enhance and grow its operations in response to the challenges being faced by its customers. As a result the company continues to be awarded many fixed term, single source agreements and has seen sales growing to over £20m per annum.

For more information regarding H.S. Pipequipment and their bespoke services please visit their website www.hsp.co.uk, or alternatively call +44 (0) 1635 201329.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 6

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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