New director will build on power station success story at Exeeco

Graham is pictured (centre) at Drax Power Station in Yorkshire with his engineering team.

Graham Rayner has been appointed Divisional Director for Actuation, Projects and Service at Exeeco, the UK’s leading specialist valve actuation company serving the power generation industry. Graham will now lead a dedicated team of engineers to further expand Exeeco’s scope and capacity for actuation installation, upgrade and maintenance projects in the power station environment.

He explains: “In the UK, a perceived shortfall in generating capacity, precipitating environmental upgrades and the need to extend the life of existing stations, continues to feed an increasing demand for clean and efficient actuation solutions in the critical operating areas of many power station installations. Exeeco has over thirty years specialist experience of not only providing these solutions but also maintaining and upgrading such assets in line with emerging new technologies.

“As a significant member of the Rotork Group of Companies, Exeeco has access to an unrivalled range of electric, electro-hydraulic, fluid power and specialised actuation solutions to meet isolating and modulating valve and damper duties in even the most inhospitable power station environments. In the longer term, conventional and nuclear new build programmes will provide further opportunities for Exeeco’s installation, commissioning and maintenance services.”

Graham, 31, joined Exeeco as an apprentice technician in 1994 and in recent years has been the Engineering Manager for the business. In his new position he is inheriting a team that has flourished under the previous leadership of Martin Cheetham, who has now left Exeeco to become a power station manager for Eon, thus becoming a customer of his old firm!

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 10

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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