Lock-up Your Doubters at -55°C

single and dual lock-up valves from Sitecna

Doubt about the operational safety of a control valve, or the plant it operates in, is increasingly being managed out by means of risk analysis and complex failure modes to cover all eventualities.

Instrument selection to manage these failure modes has to encompass more extreme environmental conditions not just due to climate change but also as the search for oil & gas expands to the more inaccessible and inhospitable areas of our planet.

The latest development from Sitecna® in Italy is an extension of their proven LK04 Lock-up Valve Range that enables safe operation at ambient temperatures down to -55°C. All valves have ATEX and GOST EAC certification as standard and there is a choice of construction materials to suit the particular environment. Epoxy coated copper free aluminium is shown here, ideal for ammonia plants or where low weight is crucial. The LK04 is also offered in 316L stainless steel while exotic alloy constructions such as Monel or 6MO can also be produced for extreme corrosion environments.

Available as single or dual circuit switching, these valves are often employed to isolate the control line(s) to an actuator and freeze the position of the valve in the event of decreasing pilot pressure. The LK04 has now joined other elements of the Sitecna® range that already offered -55°C options including filter regulators, volume boosters and pressure sensing relays. The -55°C version is readily identifiable in the picture here due to the blue diaphragms which distinguish the low temperature elastomer.

Exclusively available in the UK from Red Dragon Ltd in South Wales, the Sitecna® range of pneumatic instrumentation is ideal for use in control valve packages for all environments where safety and performance are key criteria.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 32

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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