Growth and development for NHC Testing Department

NHC’s range of chambers can simulate pressure depths down to 8000m (26,000ft) and altitude of 16,500m (55,000ft)

NHC has become the preferred choice for many companies wishing to perform equipment tests and trials.

National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen is renowned for its involvement with the diving industry, in particular within the field of hyperbaric medical treatment and research, and now more recently as the Centre of Excellence for subsea safety training. However, the centre is also a UKAS accredited testing facility, fully equipped to conduct a variety of tests and trials for a whole range of industries.

The centre has accommodated various projects over the years such as pressure testing subsea control modules, umbilicals, valves, actuators, ROVs and submersibles for a variety of companies in the subsea, aviation, defence and renewables industries.

Testing & Projects Manager, Mike McDonald commented:

‘Testing is becoming an increasing necessity to ensure the safety and functionality of both new and old equipment as companies continue to push the boundaries within these extreme environments.’

NHC’s range of chambers can simulate pressure depths down to 8000m (26,000ft) and altitude of 16,500m (55,000ft) in either wet or dry conditions and at variable temperatures. The WorkChamber and other smaller chambers are the first choice for many companies wishing to perform pressure and altitude trials on a variety of equipment

NHC’s Testing department is committed to providing a thorough and intensive testing service and is a regularly audited UKAS EN17025 Approved Testing Facility. Live video monitoring along with full instrumentation and logging devices allow results to be produced with incredible detail. A Pressure Cycle Tester was installed during 2014, which increased the multiple endurance cycle and long duration capabilities of the chambers. Investment is continuously being made to enhance the NHC Testing facility, ensuring the National Hyperbaric Centre stays at the forefront of the pressure testing industry providing clients with next-level equipment assurance.

If you would like more information about NHC Testing services, please contact Mike McDonald on +44(0)1224 698 895 or email

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