Engineering the Next Generation of ‘Valve Doctors’

Dan Watson (Valve Doctor) on the job

Over the past 50 years, IMI Critical and IMI CCI has been serving customers throughout the world, solving a variety of valve-related problems. Our product is the combination of superior engineering design, the finest materials and meticulous workmanship.

We want to remain a trademark of quality where companies worldwide buy our valves with confidence. This is why IMI CCI institutionalized the Valve Doctor® program, to develop the most innovative flow control experts in the industry.

The Valve Doctor® Program was initiated in 2000 with 11 original members. Today there are over 60 Valve Doctors, residing in 12 countries (Austria, USA, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, India, South Korea, China, and Japan).

We believe The Valve Doctor® training programme is widely acknowledged as the highest level of application engineering in the severe service industry. Team members not only bring with them solid industry experience, but also have expertise in commissioning equipment, as well as specific, integral valve and plant knowledge that allows them to solve customer problems and optimise plant performance. The Valve Doctor® program covers a wide range of expertise in:

• Industry: Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Industrial
• Application: Control Valves, Isolation, Actuation, Controls
• Subject: Fluids, Materials, Technology
• Process: Design, System Analysis, Manufacturing, Root Cause, Troubleshooting

For example, in the Power Sector, they will travel to a power station that is down, which utilizes a competitor’s product. Our Valve Doctors® provide expert guidance towards resolving the situation and retrofitting the necessary equipment to get the plant up and running in as short a time as possible.

In LNG, the Valve Doctors® work closely with engineering companies and compressor manufacturers at design phase not only addressing the critical kinetic energy as well as noise and vibration issues but also focus to achieve the highest and most efficient production output together with our valued customer.

IMI Critical Engineering is an industryleading provider of critical flow solutions for the international oil and gas, fossil power, nuclear power, petrochemical and iron and steel industries, and consequently the Valve Doctors® have a firm focus on the process flow problems facing those sectors. Indeed, their expertise goes far beyond valve design, taking in plant operation, system layout and control system integration.

‘The Valve Doctor® is the personification of our philosophy of Engineering GREAT and our Valve Doctor® Program is the mechanism we use to develop our next generation of Valve Doctors®.’

Chris Peterson – Valve Doctor® Program Chairman

Tel: 0161 655 1688

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 34

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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