Dual 3-Ported, 2-Position Valve Provides ‘Two Valves in One’ for a Compact and Cost Effective Solution

Numatics 2005 Series valves, some fitted with pressure regulators, shown with a multipole sub-base.

ASCO NUMATICS has introduced the Numatics 2005 Series dual 3-ported, 2-position valve. The new valve comprises two air pilot actuated valves in a common body, providing versatility and flexibility for the user. The space-saving design enables the 2005 Series valve to be used in many applications where installation would otherwise prove difficult due to a lack of space. Furthermore, using a dual valve instead of two separate valves usually provides a more cost effective solution.

The dual 3-ported, 2-position valves can be used with the Numatics valve island manifold to provide many options and protocols. This includes multipole connections on the sub-bases with two common fluid supply ports, two output ports, and two exhaust ports. The air is centrally channelled from one "source" to both valves which are integrated in a common aluminium die cast housing. The solenoid pilot actuated valves incorporate two ‘O’ ring sealed spools, mounted opposite each other. These open and close independently releasing compressed air to devices such as cylinders or clamps. The valves are also available for vacuum operation.

The new valves have a standardised width of 18mm and are mounted on sub bases which allow an easy plug-and-play assembly.

Simply plugging the valve into the sub-base establishes the pneumatic and electrical connections.

Numatics 2005 Series dual 3-ported, 2-position valves are based on the VDMA standard 24563. They are also available with a mounting footprint to the international ISO standard 15407-2, making them suitable for global use - and in particular the US markets. ASCO NUMATICS continues to develop its products to meet the requirement of the both the VDMA and ISO standards.

Also available is the Numatics 2002 Series of miniature double 3-ported, 2-position valves, which have a width of 10mm. Both the 2005 and 2002 Series of valves can be controlled by fieldbus systems such as Profibus and DeviceNet.

ASCO NUMATICS is one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic components and accessories with a range of more than 30,000 products for use in compressed air systems. As a member of the Emerson group, ASCO NUMATICS has manufacturing plants and distributors in more than 30 countries, and also benefits from the networked know-how of a worldwide technology group.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 5

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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