Flow Technology Services: The DeZurik Rotary Control Valve

The DeZurik RCV Rotary Control Valve has been specially engineered for extremely precise throttling control in severe-service applications in the pulp and paper, chemical, power, petroleum and refining industries.

The RCV is ideally suited for tough applications where high-pressure media contain entrained water vapour or suspended abrasive particles:

• Scaling liquor service
• Dirty steam service
• Kaolin slurry
• Lime mud
• TiO2 slurry
• Fly ash slurry
• Coking
• Other hard-to-handle liquids, gases and slurries.

The DeZurik RCV Rotary Control Valve combines the control accuracy of a globe valve with the strength of a severe-service ball valve. Traditionally, a ball valve that could withstand erosion, corrosion and scaling media couldn’t provide precise throttling accuracy. A globe valve could provide great control, but could only handle clean media. With the RCV you don’t have to sacrifice control to get a valve that can withstand the tough applications.

Hard-faced trim components and unique design features provide erosion resistance up to eight times better than trim produced from Alloy #6. The RCV is designed for high-capacity, bi directional flow capability and includes four trim options for flexibility.

In the event maintenance is needed, DeZurik’ S unique design facilitates fast, easy breakdown and assembly of valve components with no special tools required. The result is reduced maintenance time and the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Available in sizes 1–12˝ (25–300mm), the DeZurik RCV Rotary Control Valve is available in ANSI 150 and 300 ratings. Body material options include 316 and 317 stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy C or Titanium. Flanged or flangeless designs meet ANSI or ISA faceto- face dimensions.

Metal-seated valves provide FCI 70-2/ANSI Class IV shutoff and temperature capabilities up to 1000°F(540°C). Soft-seated valves utilizing reinforced PTFE provide FCI 70-2/ANSI Class VI shutoff.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 36

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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