Welcome to Issue 4 of BVAA’s Valve User magazine! The special treat in this issue is a free copy of the latest version of the BVAA DVD - possibly the world’s most comprehensive valve and actuator literature library!

Increased in size, this latest disc includes all manner of literature from our 90 members, including sales brochures, technical data sheets, company videos, PC programs and web data. There are also direct hotlinks to every one of our members’ websites, plus BVAA’s own extensive and information-packed web pages. The DVD also includes a free copy of virtually all of BVAA’s publications and magazines, including our highly regarded guides on European Directives - enjoy!

We have reported previously on the frauds relating to slavish copying of our members’ designs and forging agency documentation, and now there’s a new twist in the schemes being attempted - a recruitment-based scam via the internet! BVAA members BEL Valves had their website ‘cloned’ recently and this was then used to set up an almost identical website using a different domain name. Using that website, individuals from outside of the UK have been targeted with bogus job offers, supposedly from BEL Valves, and have been requested to pass over sums of money and personal confidential information.

The internet is largely unregulated, so there is very little that can be done about such scams. If you are seeking employment from a reputable UK company, be aware that it is extremely unlikely that they will ask you for any money to register with them. For companies being targeted in this way, we suggest trying to have such sites shut down immediately, and to put a warning / disclaimer onto all your official company websites to warn potential applicants who locate the correct website
(see for an example). Also, let your HR people know what is going on and ensure that all applicants who do communicate with you are notified of the situation, and warn all existing employees about the fraud so that they are able to respond appropriately if they are contacted by potential applicants.


Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 4

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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