Reducing Friction by More Than 30%, The Stem Slides Rather than Rubs

The new packing LATTYflon 3265LM contains a corrosion inhibitor (exclusive LATTY process) that durably protects all the parts of the fitting.

This packing consists of a braided core made from PTFE-impregnated carbon yarns and a sleeve made from cross-braided, impregnated and lubricated PTFE yarns.

Its elastic composite structure ensures sealing efficiency with a low tightening torque, thus allowing reduced operating effort and minimum hysteresis while greatly improving fluid control.

These properties provide excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, from –100°C to + 300°C at a pressure of 300 bar or at a steam pressure of + 285°C for 80 bar. Quality and longer life contribute to reduced maintenance costs.

Comparative tests between conventional PTFE packing’s and LATTYflon 3265LM have shown a reduction of friction by approximately 30% in the same operating conditions.

The packing LATTYflon 3265LM may be used as sealing rings in conjunction with graphite-based packing’s such as LATTYgraf 6995 NG or LATTYgraf 6988 EF as anti-extrusion rings and complies with the requirements of ISO 15848-1, Class BH, relative to Fugitive Emissions.

Ease of fitting and quick replacement with our readyto- install rings, thus reducing production down time.

The packing LATTYflon 3265LM is also approved by BAM (oxygen) and TA-Luft (fugitive emissions) to meet industrial requirements.

The mounting flexibility makes it ideal for use by manufacturers (OEMs) of control and regulating valves in areas such as chemical and petrochemical industries, nuclear and cryogenic applications.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 37

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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