NABIC – Offers a Comprehensive Range of Safety & Control Valves

NABIC has long been recognised as the industry standard for commercial and industrial hot water applications. In fact, NABIC valves, available in gunmetal and stainless steel, are also suitable for use with a wide variety of fluids and gases including steam, hot water and air.

Typical applications are vented and unvented heating systems, hot water and steam boilers, compressed air systems, pump relief and bypass.

NABIC has a rich history dating back to 1864 and the Victorian Age - it is a brand name built on pedigree and trust. NABIC is an acronym for National Boiler Insurance Company and came into existence due to a rising tide of boiler explosions which were causing extensive damage to commercial properties and considerable loss of life.

For instance, in 1854 there was a boiler explosion in Rochdale which killed ten people. The inquest ruled that the incident NABIC – Offers a Comprehensive Range of Safety & Control Valves was caused by neglect – one safety valve was inoperative and the other had been over-weighted to “stop the boiler blowing off”. This incident was one of many that took place across the country in the industrial heartland of England which had the biggest concentration of steam boilers in the world and started the unstoppable process of making working environments’ safer.

The NABIC Company was born out of necessity to insure commercial activities and they employed highly skilled engineers to carry out the inspections. So it was no surprise that the new Company was also keen to look kindly on any new inventions which would help safeguard boilers. In 1863 John Smith patented a fusible plug for boilers and NABIC bought the rights in 1864 for £2000 and this provided the base for the company to grow.

NABIC commenced manufacture ensuring the quality of the fitting and offered customers a 10% reduction in premiums if they fitted them. NABIC set the trend as fusible plugs were so effective and other companies followed their lead and told their customers to request NABIC. The name became the industry standard, a modern day ‘Hoover’ for the boiler industry and still carries gravitas today.

All valves are manufactured in the UK, and pressure set to customer specific requirements. And now, for the first time NABIC valves are available to purchase online direct from the manufacturer, via a Fastrack next day service. The platform has been built to improve the customer experience and to be effective in the field as the site is optimised to handle the latest smartphones and tablets.

NABIC is a leading brand of Crane Building Services & Utilities and offer a range of safety valves that serve a variety of industries including Education, Healthcare, Petrochemical, Food, Power Generation, Leisure and Commercial Heating protecting life and property against failure to control system pressures.

Safety Relief Valves
A range of safety relief valves available in high lift and standard variants primarily used for water, steam and air applications.

Pressure Relief Valves
Standard and high lift pressure relief valves for applications where pressure tightness is required on the discharge side of the valve.

Combined Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves
Designed for use on unvented hot water supply systems where protection is essential against excessive temperature and pressures.

Anti-Vacuum Valves
Utilised to protect drying cylinders, storage tanks from collapse due to an internal vacuum. Also used on steam systems, to assist condensate drainage and prevent suction of contents from vats.

Boiler System Valves
The NABIC range of valves comprise automatic air vents to remove trapped air from a sealed system and three way vents and cocks to allow for easy maintenance while the system is still running.

Pipe Interrupters
Pipe interrupters are safety devices designed to protect potable water systems. They prevent the backflow by automatic ventilation of the system and elimination of the vacuum.

Test Valves and Equipment
Test valves are utilised on steam boilers to provide a means for attaching a pressure gauge to allow for calibration under working conditions.

The Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Project: Royal Edinburgh Hospital Client: McCallum’s Water Heaters Contractor: BBESL in Scotland Specifications: NABIC Fig. 500T Combined Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves, Fig. 542 Safety Relief Valves, Fig. 568 Anti-Vacuum Valves.

NABIC Safety Valves were installed in the £48million recently developed special care unit at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The vast programme of works at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital campus, which started in January 2015, will see the entire site transformed over the coming years with modern and fit-for-purpose facilities. Phase one redevelopments include new accommodation for the adult acute mental health inpatient service, older people’s mental health assessment, Intensive Psychiatric Care Service (IPCU) and the new Robert Fergusson National Brain Injury Unit.

NABIC Safety Valves were supplied to McCallum’s Water Heaters who have built the Skid unit plant rooms and Chlorifier’s. McCallum’s currently choose NABIC valves in all of their major projects due to the trusted brand name which ensures products of a high quality, reliability and longevity.

5 Star Luxury Demands 5 Star Safety - The Renaissance Hotel
Project: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London Client: Marriott Hotels Contractor: EMCOR UK Distributor: BSS (Kings Cross) Ltd. Specification: NABIC Fig. 500 High Lift Safety Valves

NABIC Fig. 500 valves were installed in the plant rooms of the sumptuously renovated five star St Pancras Renaissance hotel which opened to much fanfare. The luxury accommodation consists of 245 bedrooms, 38 suites, 9 meeting rooms the Gilbert Scott restaurant & bar, health club and spa.

The NABIC safety valves are installed in all 5 boiler rooms helping to provide hot water to bathrooms on the hotel’s seven floors. The Fig. 500 is WRAS approved and designed for use on unvented systems where a high capacity emergency steam relief capability is required.

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