What is it?
This European Directive specifies the essential Health and Safety Requirements applicable to machinery. The BVAA Guidelines supported by CEIR takes the view that most actuated valves are excluded from the definition of machinery and therefore the Machinery Directive does not apply. As a result of concerns expressed by VDMA of Germany the Commission Machinery Directive working group is now considering whether Actuated Valves come under the definition of machinery or partly completed machinery.

Why is it important?
If it is decided that actuated valves are considered to be machinery under the definition of machinery in 2006/42/ EC then Category 1 actuated valves would be excluded from the Pressure Equipment Directive in accordance with Article 1 paragraph 3.6. Category 2 and 3 actuated valves may be excluded from the Machinery Directive under Article 3 because they are covered more specifically by the PED.

Will potentially require an update of manufacturers’ Declarations of Conformity and BVAA guidelines.

The BVAA is attending meetings with CEIR and VDMA to try and reach a common position. The matter is also being discussed by the Commission’s working groups for Machinery and Pressure Equipment Directives. The BVAA has met with the HSE Machinery and Pressure Equipment Directive specialists to seek their views and to try and reach a common UK position. Agreement on a common position is expected later this year and BVAA Guidelines for the Machinery Directive and Pressure Equipment Directive will then be updated.

This HOT SPOT is issued for information and as an advanced warning that change may be coming. Comments from members regarding their experiences with customer requests for Declarations of Conformity to the Machinery Directive would be welcome.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 37

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