Pressure Tech Invites Soclema for Product Assessment

Last month, Pressure Tech welcomed Soclema, a French customer specialising in gas and liquid sampling, to our Derbyshire Factory.

The visit was arranged to deliver training on and to prove our unique ACS-300 auto changeover regulator, specifically to ensure our ACS-300 meets the exacting standards of Soclema's customers, suppliers to French energy companies. Soclema's customers had previously experienced leakage problems with other regulators and were looking for a 100% reliable regulator.

Soclema's requirements
Established in 1992, in the south of France, Soclema's specialty is sampling, providing the best technical solutions for gas and liquid sampling systems in the industry.

Soclema’s gas analyser system, testing the quality of gas in a reservoir ultimately to be sent to offices and homes in France, required automatic changeover between two helium cylinders. As the helium is used and pressure decreases from one cylinder to a certain level, the regulator is required to auto changeover to the new cylinder to allow constant supply of helium at the correct pressure. Soclema were keen to understand the technical features and benefits of Pressure Tech’s product and how it would solve their problems, having previously invested in other regulators that were unable to facilitate a double changeover.

We demonstrated our technically innovative designs, the ACS- 300 benefits and our customer responsiveness. The in-depth discussions regarding design, functionality and testing, provided assurance to Soclema, that this new regulator would overcome the issues they had experienced with their previously used product.

The visit, led by Steve Yorke-Robinson, Managing Director, Pressure Tech, provided Soclema with a detailed understanding of the ACS- 300 and how we test to ensure the system operates correctly, including set point verification, functionality and internal/external leak examination. We also demonstrated how the system control pressure remains constant during supply pressure depletion.

Proving the ACS-300 to Soclema
Soclema selected Pressure Tech to supply the ACS-300 for their system as a result of two critical success factors:

1) Helium is expensive and systems used by the end user in the past have been prone to leaks. In order to keep costs to a minimum, investment in a 100% leak tight, reliable product is required.

2) In addition to reliability, Soclema were intrigued by the unique functionality of Pressure Tech’s ACS-300 regulator, which unlike the competition, allows the standby supply to become the main supply to ensure a constant system pressure is maintained.

Pressure Tech ensuring quality is delivered to Soclema
Pressure Tech's view is that quality is defined by our customers or end users. It is based upon our customers' entire experience of our products, services and people. We take time to understand our customers' requirements and deliver against them.

For Soclema, it was important to have a product to work with helium and produce no leaks. Pressure Tech's focus for the visit was to prove we could meet this challenge. We involved Soclema in monitoring pressures, using transducers, giving them an accurate and visual representation of how the regulator performed.

We also took the opportunity to train Soclema's representatives in the set up and use of the ACS-300, focusing on operation and the correct process to follow when the standby supply becomes the main supply.

A successful visit, incorporating some additional training, ensured that Soclema returned to France confident in their choice of our ACS-300, allowing them to provide their customer with 100% reliable sampling systems with no leaks!

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 38

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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