Leengate Valves Continues to Build Strong Business Relationship with Ghibson Italia

Leengate Valves have been working with Ghibson for many years now and further expansion has meant that the solid business relationships they have forged are now growing stronger and more successful than ever.

A spokesperson had this to say; “Ghibson Italia S.r.l. is one of Europe’s few remaining full scale manufacturers of butterfly valves, located in the outskirts of Bologna, Italy. The company also produce wafer check valves, hydraulic actuators and do full actuation and remote control systems.”

“The last decade has seen that many companies have outsourced their full production to China or other Asian countries. Ghibson has instead invested in a new factory facility and new machinery, in order to be well prepared for the future. We have seen clients coming back to us after 1-2 years of trying the adventure in China.

Ghibson’s totality in terms of high quality production, technical reliability, technical support and assistance, certification compliance, documentation support, flexibility, competitive pricing upon our modern and efficient production, short delivery times etc. is hard to beat, and the investments made by our owner, Piero Betti, ensures a strong Ghibson in many years to come.”

“We produce standard as well as tailor made configurations. All materials, except plastic & composites + titanium are being coped with.”

“The core production and supply of Ghibson consists of; Rubber lined butterfly valves, Double eccentric (HP) valves, PTFE seated butterfly valves, Damper valves, Wafer check valves, Hydraulic actuators and accessories, Actuation solutions and remote controls, Valve packages.”

“Ghibson products are being applied in all industrial market segments; from basic water applications to nuclear power plants. In the UK market, our partner, Leengate Valves hold stock of several main products, and the cooperation and business with Leengate is growing stronger year by year. As delivery times are critical in today’s marketplace, it is essential for Ghibson that we have the cooperation of Leengate Valves which includes their vast capacity for stockholding.”

For further information about Leengate Valves’ stocked range of Ghibson products, please contact the sales team on the number below. You can also find out more about Ghibson and their products by visiting their website www.ghibsonvalves.com.

Tel: +44(0)1773 521 555
Email: info@leengatevalves.co.uk
Web: www.leengatevalves.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 38

Spring 2020 // Issue 52
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