Emersonís Valve Automation Division

by John Hancill, Marketing Director R&P Product

A little more than 5 years ago, Emerson merged a group of companies to form what is now known as Emersonís Valve Automation division. These previously independent companies grew on their own, often in direct competition with each other for over 30 years. From those early years, even with an increasing number of other competitors, customer service has improved to meet demands faster than the rest, hence the successful growth of the group. Emersonís Valve Automation division is now a single global business that is uniquely positioned to work with its sister divisions within Emerson, such as Fisher and Rosemount, to provide a complete solution for customersí valve automation needs.

Year after year, Emerson has continued to improve its products and local customer support so that at the end of 2007 it is exceeding all targets and is set to expand even more through the next five years. In doing so, Emerson has employed a strategy called "Think Customer" - a business-wide initiative that encourages employees to make sure that their daily services to customers are based on actions that will ensure a benefit to the customer. It may be either on a business level by increasing customer revenues or cutting costs, or on a personal level by reducing customer stress or an opportunity for personal kudos.

Formed in early 2001 to combine the market resources of the leading suppliers of valve automation products and services for all the process industries, the leading brands shown below are well respected players in their market segments. In addition, the FieldQ actuator, with fully integrated control accessories, was recently released along with a new acquisition (2007) of the Damcos helical spline actuators for marine applications, which are also developed under the Bettis brand to serve the process / oil and gas market.

Bettis, based in Waller, Texas, has been a maker of pneumatic & gas/hydraulic scotch yoke actuators since it was founded in 1929. Bettis was acquired by Emerson in 1999 as part of the Daniel Industries acquisition.

El-O-Matic, originally based in Hengelo, The Netherlands, has been making pneumatic rack and pinion actuators and electric actuators since 1973. El-O-Matic was acquired by Emerson in 1995. Its pneumatic actuators are now made in Nilai, Malaysia.

FieldQ, based in Hengelo, The Netherlands was introduced in 2002. The FieldQ product provides a "fully integrated" intelligent approach to rack & pinion actuators and control accessories.

Hytork, originally based in Gloucester, United Kingdom, makes pneumatic rack and pinion actuators and automation accessories. Hytork was acquired by Emerson in 1999 as part of the Daniel Industries acquisition. All products are now made in Nilai, Malaysia.

Shafer and Dantorque, based in Mansfield, Ohio, supply the oil and gas transmission industry with rotary vane actuators, hydraulic power units, and custom tailored controls. Founded in 1946, Shafer was acquired by Emerson in 1999 as part of the Daniel Industries acquisition.

Damcos, with its headquarters in Denmark and additional manufacturing plants in China and Korea, offers a range of products related to the marine environment including helical spline actuators and LPUís (local power units).

The innovative products from Emersonís Valve Automation division are key components that power Emersonís PlantWeb digital plant architecture to proven savings of more than 30 percent of project costs, and greater than 2 percent operations savings, including benefits of predictive valve maintenance

With just one stop at www.EmersonProcess.com/ValveAutomation you will have access to information about all of its products and services, and how to contact them for all your automation needs.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 4

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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