Big issue – bigger issues!

Welcome to Issue 3 of BVAA’s Valve User magazine, which we believe to be our industry’s fastest growing journal. We are providing our readers with a double publication this issue, as we have included, in the centre section, the latest copy of the very popular BVAA Annual Review. This document charts a year in the life of BVAA, and includes reports from the BVAA Chairman and Director, plus of course progress reports from all of the very active BVAA Working Groups. There are also reports upon the highlights of the past 12 months. I very much hope that you enjoy this bonus issue.

And while on the subject of ‘issues’, as I write, the UK press is alive with rather alarming stories regarding the counterfeiting of drugs, and, bigger still, the massive recall of childrens’ toys which have been manufactured in the Far East. It is the sadly familiar tale of the discovery of the use of cheap, banned and very toxic lead paint, inclusion of highly dangerous magnets and - worryingly - forged test and compliance certification. The latter is a big concern in our industry too, and through VU and other journals I have urged Valve Users to be cautious, particularly when dealing with new or relatively unknown vendors of process flow equipment, which as we know are often used in critical applications. The introduction of potentially dangerous, and at best ‘unproven’ products, into already potentially hazardous environments, is one risk too many.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 3

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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