New Flowserve Publication Helps Customers Eliminate Control Valve Cavitation

Application Guide Provides Solutions to Reduce Maintenance Costs, Downtime

Flowserve Corporation has released a new valve cavitation teaching and selection guide. Customers can now better understand cavitation prediction and control capabilities, and thereby minimize the increases in operating costs that result from cavitation damage.

Flowserve Cavitation Control is a comprehensive guide featuring detailed information about the causes of cavitation and a presentation of the latest cavitation control technologies for both linear and rotary applications. Even low levels of cavitation can cause cumulative damage to piping and valves if adequate protection is not provided, potentially resulting in equipment failure. Cavitation is avoided by gradually reducing the pressure drop from inlet to outlet through a variety of control mechanisms. Accurately predicting cavitation and applying the correct control mechanisms is critical to a successful, cost-effective solution.

“Flowserve’s close correlation between test results and prediction methods results in superior performance of our anti-cavitation trims in demanding applications. This reduces operating costs for our customers by minimizing maintenance and downtime,” said Jeff Parish, Senior Product Manager, Flowserve Flow Control Division. “Flowserve Cavitation Control describes a wide range of solutions such as Flowserve’s ChannelStream and Multi-Z trims, which eliminate cavitation and help customers save money.”

A free copy of the publication is available for download at

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 10

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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