Fisher® Certifies ESI

Emerson Process Management has certified ESI Technologies as the approved repairer of Fisher products for workshop-based repairs in Ireland. ESI Technologies has its headquarters in Dunkettle, Co. Cork, and is strategically located to service the successful and rapidly expanding pharmaceutical industry. ESI was established in the early 1900’s and is now one of Ireland’s leading valve repair specialists. Only companies that meet the highest technical, quality and business standards are appointed as approved repairers of Fisher products for workshop-based repairs, and each company is subject to a stringent vetting process and quality audit. As part of the scheme, technical personnel from ESI have completed specialised Fisher valve maintenance training and all repairs will be completed to factory specifications using only genuine Fisher parts. As an approved repairer, engineers from ESI have access to original Fisher factory specifications, maintenance instructions and service reference manuals, ensuring that repairs are completed to the highest standards. ESI is accredited to ISO 9001. Commenting on the appointment, Roger Henbest, Emerson UK Service Operations Manager for the approved repairers said, "ESI is a well established specialist valve repair organisation with an outstanding reputation for quality and service. With the added benefit of excellent local contacts and extensive product knowledge, ESI is the ideal organisation to be appointed as the Approved Repairer of Fisher Products for Workshopbased Repairs for Ireland." Declan Field, Operations Director for ESI added, "ESI is delighted by this appointment. Our dedicated team is committed to customer satisfaction and we will continue to use our all our resources to satisfy our customer’s needs in the most effective way, by applying quality products, solutions and service." Emerson will continue to provide on-site valve services, including control valve diagnostic testing and data analysis. These are part of Emerson’s extensive PlantWeb® services offering, enabling customers to maximise the benefi ts they get from their investment in process and control assets.

Valve User is your magazine, and we welcome your views on your industry and its practices. Here Mark Dowell, Business Manager of SGS United Kingdom Ltd., a BVAA member and a
certifi cation body, gives his views on validating certifi cation. The Importance of Checking When you buy a piece of equipment, do you check the validity of the original certifi cate of compliance? When you buy a piece of equipment, do you check the validity of the original certifi cate of compliance?
CE conformity
Machinery Directive
ISO 9000
And many more.
We are all used to seeing the above names and the declarations, but if you need to use or resell the goods, or to provide original certifi cates, how do you know the certifi cate or declaration is genuine and the conformance up to specifi cation? The manufacturing of the goods or components should have been checked by an accredited organisation,but it is becoming obvious that in the name of a quick profi t some non traditional suppliers are prepared to create a forged certifi cate for that compliance. Using Photoshop type software, it is possible to create a pretty good forgery. The certifi cation companies go to enormous lengths to prevent forgeryand, when reported, the origin of fakes is hunted down and prosecutionsfollow. However this does not help you if you have bought and paid for a component that you then cannot legally use. Some advice would be to keep copies of all original certifi cation and compare any new certifi cates with existing, because it is the differences that will give you the clue as to if it is a fake. Also, always check out conformity when using a new supplier. Do spot checks periodically. The certifi cation bodies provide hotlines, both e-mail and telephone, where you can check validity of Certifi cates of Conformance and they are always more than willing to help you confi rm that validity. The details are always on the company websites. There have been a lot of press articles recently about fake certifi cation of Toys and consumer goods manufactured in China and the costs to the companies who have been duped
by these unscrupulous manufacturers has been enormous. The goods are un-saleable and reputations tarnished.
Don’t be caught; please contact the certifi cation bodies with the question "IS MY CONFORMITY CERTIFCATION FOR THIS PRODUCT GENUINE" Mark

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 3

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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