Rotork Gears - Sub Sea Order

Rotork Gears have supplied 4 off Sub Sea gearboxes to BEL Valves Ltd in the UK. The gearboxes are for use on BEL Valves Top entry ball valves, 10 diameter, at 5,000-PSI pressure. The SSW9 gearboxes were supplied complete with ROV interface via a 1.3 metre extension spool. The gearbox and extension spools
were supplied with separate pressure compensators.Although the project operating depth is 1,200 metres, the gearboxes successfully passed a hyperbaric test at 2,400 metres. Rotork Gears subsea gearboxes are designed for heavy-duty subsea applications at any depth with carefully chosen materials to offer the highest level of reliability required in this very harsh environment. They are suitable for manual or ROV operation and include the following main
* Ductile iron housing and quadrant
* Hardened steel worm
* Stainless steel external screws
* Adjustable end stops with stainless steel protection caps
* Optional ductile iron or stainless steel ROV interface receptacle

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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