Allvalves Online Ltd: Continued Growth and Expansion

Following another successful exhibition in Germany with the BVAA, Allvalves Online Ltd are benefiting from contacts made at the show.

Having worked closely with the BVAA since the company’s launch in 2012, it seems fitting that they use the Valve User Magazine to share and update on the latest news at Allvalves HQ.

Allvalves have a busy year ahead with exhibitions at the AD Biogas in Birmingham, visiting the Valve World show in Texas and trips to meet manufacturing partners around the world including, the major brands that they are working with such as EBRO, Stafsjo, Genebre, Adler and Hidroten.

Allvalves has continued its growth in 2016 and the growth has already continued in the first quarter of 2017, which has led to Allvalves being presented with many opportunities that will be explored this year. These include launching operations in mainland Europe, Africa and USA.

Allvalves have been approached by many independent valve and actuator distributors that want to represent the Allvalves brand locally, utilizing the global brands that they offer and the globally found and used website, More and more manufacturers look to work with Allvalves, with a European brand of plastic valves being the latest to look to work with Allvalves. Within the next couple of months, Allvalves Online will look to showcase one of the most competitive range of PVC, CPVC, ABS and PP manual and actuated valves in the UK.

The success of Allvalves is not only down to the global distribution agreements in place with the world’s leading brands, but the technical sales and after sales offered. Only this week, they received a complementary email from a customer in Dubai who described them as a ‘breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with’. The approach to every sale is ensuring the correct products are sold for the customer’s application. Allvalves are becoming known as a specialist in the marketplace, and not simply a ‘stack them high sell them cheap’ company.

The business model has developed over the years to work with OEM applications offering solutions such as, utilizing the AVA compact actuator and v-notch ball valves for a lucrative customer in Europe for mobile skids - which has seen over 200 modulating actuators ordered already this year. Again, using hi-speed AVA units with Hidroten ball valves, on a UK OEM project with hundreds of actuated valves to be supplied this year. Allvalves have also worked with a high end UK OEM, supplying custom made stainless steel housings with ATEX actuated pneumatic ball valves, after a year of working with the OEM on the design and specification.

Finally, Allvalves are currently working with a leading Biogas company in the UK, to make mobile Biogas skids in which they specify Stafsjo knife gate valves.

Allvalves Online are now ISO 9001-2015 approved, with full accreditation being awarded at the end of last year. Allvalves have always worked in line with ISO 9001 with its internal process control, but now have a certificate to give further peace of mind that customers are not only working with one of the UK’s fastest growing Valve Actuator companies in the UK, but a company that takes quality very seriously - in both the product supplied and the process controls in place for handling customer orders.

Tel: +44(0)1386 553190

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 41

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