Actuated Solutions - built on experience & a commitment to unparalleled service

Actuated Solutions was started in 2003 as a joint venture between two friends and colleagues, Paul Slaughter and Chris Hickey.

From left to right: Chris Hickey & Paul Slaughter

From left to right: Chris Hickey & Paul Slaughter

The pair previously held senior sales positions for one of the largest multinational providers of valve automation products. When the firm closed its UK office, Paul and Chris decided to embrace the opportunity and give the market what it had, in their opinion, been crying out for: better quality products, at a better price, sold with better – and, crucially, faster - service.

In the company’s early days, it was just Paul and Chris in a small 500 square foot unit. They both worked from top to bottom – chasing invoices, picking and packing orders, building products, generating new business, attending trade shows and working around the clock to make their start-up venture a success. From the start, Paul and Chris were keen for their company to be different. To capitalise on the smaller size and independence of the fledgling company, and to uphold the core value of never letting customers down, it was agreed all profits would be reinvested. By taking this action, the firm was able to maintain higher levels of stock than many of its competitors, subsequently setting itself apart in the market by offering a quick and agile partnership.

As a result of its early commitments, Actuated Solutions won the confidence of two of the world’s leading actuator manufacturers: HK Contromatic, a South Korean producer of the HQ Electric and HP pneumatic actuators, along with the APL range of switch boxes; and Quifer – a Spanish company that manufactures the KP/KPM rack & pinion and KSY/KSYM scotch yoke pneumatic actuators. Both brands are still represented by Actuated Solutions today.

In 2011, the company took the bold step to offer high quality European-made scotch yoke actuators for the oil & gas market. Proving to be a good investment, Actuated Solutions now offer KSY/KSYM actuators up to 100,000NM with SIL3, ATEX and GOST certification.

Paul comments: “Part of the reason we started Actuated Solutions was to challenge the status quo and give the market what we felt it needed: greater availability of a range of quality-made, fairly priced valve automation products. Now, I’m proud to say, customers choose us for the products we stock, and come back to us for the service we provide.”

Fast forward to the present day and home is now a 7500 Sq/ft. unit which allows Actuated Solutions the space and capacity to stock and sell off-the-shelf actuators alongside custom-built automated valve solutions – with sales reaching a record high of 10,000 actuators sold last year. The company also supplies accessories such as switchboxes, solenoids, positioners and gearboxes. Its competitive edge, coupled with the business owners’ credibility, reputation and connections in the tight knit industry, has since seen many customers move to Actuated Solutions.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 42

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