HSP + Maxseal = Success

H.S.Pipequipment Exclusive stockist in the UK for Maxseal Solenoid Valves

H.S.Pipequipment (HSP), the market leading valve stockist and distributor to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector, has for 5 years been the exclusive stockist in the UK for Maxseal’s range of solenoid valves and ancillaries. Stock is held in strategically located HSP operations in Aberdeen and Teesside, where ultra quick and even same day deliveries are available.

Maxseal solenoid valves have over 50 years of experience operating in the worlds most extreme and hazardous environments. The range sets rigorous standards for safety on ESD, HIPP Systems and process control in the most demanding environments for the worlds offshore and petrochemical industries. The Maxseal range includes the market leading IC04S EExd direct acting solenoid valve, the IC02S EExia Pilot operated solenoid valve and following the phenomenal success of the IC04, over the last five decades, the Compact ICO3S solenoid valve has evolved. All Maxseal products utilise the same stringent design and performance, all of which are SIL certified and have full ST ST construction accreditations.

H.S.Pipequipment were recognised by a leading UK refinery to source Maxseal solenoid valves, due to their comprehensive stock and off the shelf deliveries. Upon visiting the site, HSP identified an existing solenoid valve that had been in operation successfully since the early seventies required replacing in order to meet with the SIL legislation that was being brought into place. The Maxseal IC04S valve needed certifying to SIL 3 standard and to replace SIL 4 to a redundant mode. Furthermore, Maxseal and HSP provided a cost effective solution by the replacement of a like for like IC04S valve some 30 years later.

Effective safety practise is an absolutely imperative. With the assistance of the MTBF information gathered from many blue chip end users, it is established that they would use nothing less than the market leading manufactures like Maxseal and leading stockists and distributors such as HSP. When it comes to safety, why settle for anything less. You can feel confident of the safety and integrity of Maxseal products having been assessed through genuine field delivered data as oppose to lab conditioned supplied data that many manufacturers submit.

Maxseal are committed to continuously developing their product range to support and meet the exacting standards in the Chemical, Gas Turbine, Naval, Nuclear Power, Offshore, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical applications. This is apparent through their latest IC03S EExd solenoid valve, which now has a low power consumption of two watts and is available as a Namur mounted, direct acting valve. This alleviates the need for a pilot, which is commonly found in most Namur designed valves, making the IC03S EExd a much safer design.

H.S.Pipequipment has doubled its inventory to hold over £5M and stocks a range of Maxseal products available from ¼” to 4” solenoids with various voltages and pressure ranges up to 414 bar. Maxseal quality is available as an off the shelf item with many end users and OEM manufacturers benefiting from the stocks carried by HSP and the companies expertise in the actuator and associated controls market.

As a world-leading supplier of valves to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry since 1979, H.S.Pipequipment offers a second to none service and prides themselves on their market leading products, experience and relationships that they bring to the industry.

To discuss how H.S.Pipequipment could benefit your company please visit www.hsp.co.uk or alternatively call 01642 608999

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 10

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