Unique New Ribbed Disc Design from Tomoe

- Improves Flow Rates of 700 series valves

Tomoe, a world leader in the development of butterfly valves and associated actuation and control systems, has launched its revolutionary new 316SS stainless steel disc, developed for use in the 700 series valves. With its unique ribbed disc design, the 316SS offers significantly improved flow rates and optimises processing performance within plants. The design of the new stainless steel disc is based on a disc pattern incorporating a series of ribs on opposite and opposing faces of the disk. This enables a thinner disc section to be used in the valve, providing higher CV characteristics over a conventional flat faced disc. It also leads to a noticeable reduction in the effects of cavitation by breaking up the flow into thinner ‘jet streams’, which dissipates energy over a greater number of ‘jet streams’. The discs incorporate all the other features and benefits of the flat faced disc design which is available for applications that require polished discs. The 316SS stainless steel disc has been specificallydeveloped for the 700 series, offers a broad choice of valves for most processes including water treatment, power generation and HVAC duties. In addition to the new ribbed design disk, valves in this range also offer abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature and high pressure suitability. Tomoe, Tel: 01633 636800

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 3

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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