Efficient Motorized Actuator For Globe & Diaphragm Valves

The new GEMÜ eSyDrive motorized actuator sets new standards in the areas of compact design, speed and accuracy.

Pneumatically operated valves are increasingly being replaced with electric versions and GEMÜ has designed this new actuator as an answer to increasing requirements for motorized valves particularly with the current trend in improved process automation.

The development of this new actuator has been based on decades of experience in the design and production of motorized actuators. GEMÜ already boasts a long-established selection of motorized products of linear and quarter turn actuators for globe and diaphragm valves, butterfly valves and ball valves.

Functional principle of the new actuator
Designed on the basis of the “Hollow shaft” principle in conjunction with technology that does not use brushes or sensors, the GEMÜ eSyDrive sets new standards in terms of compact design, reliability and accuracy. The self-locking actuator also offers a high level of reproducibility for positioning and is therefore particularly suitable for use in precise control applications. The Ethernet-based eSy-web interface, in conjunction with an integrated web server, enables the exchange of parameterization and diagnostics data and the networking of several devices.

GEMÜ eSyDrive specifications
After starting initialization, the actuator automatically adjusts itself to the process valve by means of setting the full stroke, open and closed end positions and checking that it achieves precise variable open positions when driven there by the control system. This enables the user to carry out commissioning quickly and easily. If necessary, the user can also make adjustments to the integrated stroke limiter as well as the open/closed end positions. The power supply for the GEMÜ eSyDrive is via a 24 VDC connection.

Depending on the actuator size, the actuator has an actuating speed of between 2 mm/s and 6 mm/s. A mechanical position indicator and an electrical status and position indicator are integrated as standard. The GEMÜ eSyDrive also features a manual override as standard. A suitable emergency power supply module is optionally available. Customers who wish to use the actuator on a control valve can rely on a design with an integrated positioner or process controller.

Key applications and availability
Motorized valves are primarily used where the use of compressed air is not desired or possible. Large-scale production plant are typical examples, as distribution of compressed air is uneconomical in such facilities. Other examples are mobile or decentralized facilities for water treatment.

The GEMÜ eSyDrive is a linear actuator suitable for open/close and control applications. It can be used both in sterile applications in the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries and in industrial processes. With its hygienic design and robust construction, featuring a protection class of IP 65, this new actuator is highly versatile.

At launch, the actuator size 2 is available for diaphragm valves with sizes DN 40 - 65 and for globe valves with sizes DN 40 – 100. The product range is being developed successively to cover use in globe and diaphragm valves with sizes between DN 6 - 150.

Information from: www.gemu.co.uk, call 01925 824044, or email enquiries@gemu.co.uk

Tel: 01925 824 044
Email: enquiries@gemu.co.uk
Web: www.gemu.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

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